Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Archenemy of false gurus

Those who have falsely claimed to be gurus have met their match in the form of Jaf, who is from a Muslim background and who is materially and spiritually empowered.

From this blog link Vishwananda from Mauritius who had falsely claimed to be a guru has been suffering from headaches because of Jaf not supporting him.


Vishwananda is also suffering from physical pains and is currently having to approach life as a normal person as opposed to being a celebrity which is a status he was aspiring to. Not having the support of Jaf who is empowered in a worldly way means that Vishwananda has been halted in finding an outlet of materially benefitting himself and Jaf is ensuring that Vishwananda faces his karmic journey which is a reassurance to all spiritual seekers who no longer have to fear being entrapped by someone falsely claiming to be a spiritual authority.

Jaf is an instrument of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and as alluded to in my last post regarding the dream, the presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba has exposed the false gurus.

An instrument of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in the form of Jaf, through his worldly power and the manifestation of his worldly power disempowered this group where Vishwananda was at the helm of by not supporting this group who were falsely claiming to be spiritual authorities. Because of the incarnation of Sri Sathya Sai Baba they have been disempowered as they had been reliant on Jaf who is Baba’s instrument to promote their actions and to their detriment he does not support them. Jaf is of Asian origins, is tall, handsome and fair in complexion as well as reflecting physical strength and being noticeably Asian in features and exudes charisma to all who see him that those who had falsely claimed to be gurus have worshipped not to mention perhaps most importantly that he is a representative of material power; it is safe to say that he has had a godlike status with this group. The true path of Kriya yoga is under direction of Baba as Lord Muruga. For those of you who are familiar with the man who has been known as Vishwananda, you would know that he is originally from Mauritius and set up a base in Germany and claiming to initiate people into Kriya yoga charged huge fees for this. Vishwananda was arrested in Switzerland a number of years ago for theft of relics from churches. Although Vishwananda is from Mauritius which is a developing country he failed to use his status to initiate social progress in Mauritius and failed to identify with problems in this country noting the plight of those from Diego Garcia who were forced to have refugee status in Mauritius having to leave their homes owing to a construction of a military base in Diego Garcia by America in alliance with Britain. Vishwananda also received some support from those originally from South Africa who were initially from an Islamic background and Jaf took special interest in this not to mention the South African connection to me as Vishwananda would go to regions where large groups of Muslims were based as in the Emirates and Qatar and claim to be Muslim with the intent of becoming materially wealthy also projecting the notion of stereotypes in such regions. Jaf shares a sense of humour with me where one of these men who had been supporting Vishwananda, originally from the Islamic background, was someone who was at the same university as me and it is with great humour that Jaf and I noted that this man, who was at the same university as me and a student there about the same time as me was, at an emotional level, in a scenario of being disempowered.

Kriya yoga has been extolled by Babaji Nagaraj who is an incarnation of Lord Muruga and Kundalini awakening that being the awakening to one's spiritual power cannot take place without the direction of Lord Muruga. Sri Sathya Sai Baba has directed followers to worship Lord Muruga by having an image of Lord Muruga at Puttaparthi as well as through bhajans where the last bhajan is always dedicated to Lord Muruga.

As mentioned through the presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba these false gurus have been exposed.


Anonymous said...

who is jaf? i dont really understand what you mean by it.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear,
i do have some questions about Vishwananda... could you please contact me if you read this? Email: nirvanaa@protonmail.com

Thanks a lot
Greetings from another seeker of truth.

Unknown said...


Suvendrie Moodley said...

Regarding the first comment - Jaf is someone who Vishwananda has been looking to get support from as detailed in my blog.

Second comment - Nirvanaa, yes I will make contact with you.

Third comment - thank you Dan for being brave enough to share your story and this encourages more to do the same.

Anonymous said...

We left his organisation last october after 4 years of sincere devotion believing he was Krishna, Narayan, and the Christ as they taught there.
We have seen what happenened behind the curtain and he is not AT ALL a Master. He abused sexually two of our close friends. They were relieved when they told to us, they kept it for us for many years because they were believing it was a test from the Guru. After we all left, vishwananda tried many time to reach us by phone, and used his swamini as intermediary. We didn't answer because, coming from Kriya Yoga, we know what a true master is. We discovered many other informations after we left ...When we met him in 2013, we have seen all the complain there were on internet against him, we believed it was things like illuminati as he was Krishna, we wanted to make our own experience. Now, after 4 years, we can confirm that all of this is true.
He actually wrote a letter in 2008 after being accused of sexual abuse, and wrote that he wanted to dissolve bhakti marga, more than the half of the devotee left, but as some stayed ( believeing he was yogananda, krishna..) they stayed so they continue. He is a fake prophet, a fake guru, as written in the Bible.

bhakti marga is a sect. When we leave this sect, we get in touch with all people who left before us, telling us the reason why they left. When we were inside, we believed that it was because there were not good devotee and they failed to a test. This is what they taught at shree peetha nilaya. When we left, vishwananda lied about us, telling we were demon and other things ( what is funny is that he told to us exactly the same thing about other devotee when they left a few month before us.)
So many things to say....he is dangerous, what they do there is brainwashing, they even released a video called "the danger of doubt" on you tube, you can watch it. They released it after some of our friends discovered what he did, he also start writting many text on facebook after many of us left last october, like a politician, he make his propaganda. What kind of Guru is this?
He separated many couples. He is having sex with the swami and some of the bramacharis he initiated. Just men, he is gay. Some of them are happy to have sex with him, they say " it is pure ecstasy", they are convinced he is krishna and they are gopis from past lives, this is what he said to some of them....And we told to these men that in hinduism, sexual relationship between the master and the disciple is worse that murder, they say we don't know enough, that, as written in the guru gita, vishwananda is lowering himself to make these men higher. This is craziness. Vishwananda made the commentary on the Guru Gita during Navaratri 2014, the guru gita plus his commentary are weapon of mass destruction. With this book, you can accept absolutely EVERYTINHG. His darshan are hypnose, more you go, more you want to go and more you believe what they teach. He also take energy from people.
We pray true master from kiya yoga lineage to bring truth...so so many thing to say...

Take care of your soul dear one ♥

Suvendrie Moodley said...

Thank you for your detailed comment and God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Madame Suvendrie Moodley,
Sai ram,

It is not really clear to me who "Jaf" is.
Who is he exactly?
Can you explain in more detail?
What type of support does he give for example?
Where to find true information on this spiritually and financially important person as you mention?
How genuine is he?

Secondly, Swami Vishwananda is sexually conducting and misconducting in many adharmic ways, but what does that say about his master Swami(Sai Baba)?

Maybe Swami Vishwananda wants to follow the foot steps of his master Sai baba, follow his example in all ways, including sexually? Which could be natural for a devotee to do so. What do you see?

Swami (Sai Baba) self acclaimed Avatar, is/was also accused at length about his sexual conduct, misconduct, involving homosexuality, pedophilia and other abusive sexual acts? Many a male devotee and student have shared this publicly. Other devotees "say" he was violent, aggressive, harmful etc.

So what to make of this? What do you see?

One could say : Swami Sai Baba was an Avatar, a Purna Avatar some say, he came straight from God and made no mistakes ever? Anything he did was for our good?
Just because he said/claimed so, does this mean for sure that he was an Avatar? How to know the truth about his statement, what avatar conduct is and how we can judge it?

Other than that it is understood that avatars come in, pristine and immaculate, knowing fully who they are -God that is-, without any identification to body/mind whatsoever, what can we really know about what being an avatar really means with our intelect? Especially in terms of being able to discern the nature of any and all of their conducts?

How to verify this for ourselves, in spite of what is being said?
Maybe only once we have totally transcended the mind can we know what avatar-hood means? For even our"experiences" comme from our mind.

Very evolved super-yogis or the like, can also have tremendous influence, purity, power and powers as avatars do, this doesn't necessarily make them avatars?
Also, Power and powers are not enough of a sign. Take away all siddhis and show, what is left?
How to know for ourselves the difference between, the Great initiates and yogi ones still in training, and the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent avatars?

No matter what he says about himself, it is possible that how ever highly initiated, powerful and loving a great yogi may be, he still might not be totally free from certain temptations and lack of experience, and therefore not totally be free from the risque of a fall/a mistake that is, and not even know it, or deny it.
At his very great level he is still making his way up to the Supreme Self.

Having said this, given all the allegations against Swami Sai Baba, that we do not know for sure that he was/is an avatar, and that we can't completely know what avatar means, what is your view on Swami Sai Baba's sexual conducts? and about his integrity as a whole?

Jai Sai Ram and blessings.

Unknown said...

You are talking an infinite amount of rubbish. First of all more and more people are following this swami, notwithstanding your hatred. Because you do not "feel" this guru you do not perceive him as real. You caste dispersions on God's love and seek to see the poor man humiliated and punished. YOU are coming from the dark and YOU are projecting your nastiness. Nobody expects gurus to be without fault, they are not saints. They are humans chanelling knowledge and light. Your misunderstanding of the role of the guru is prevalent here. I find the above hatred, vilification and nastiness hard to digest. In fact I am going to have a long hot shower to rid myself of the darkness you spread.

Unknown said...

On reading the previous comment from an ex devotee, I am gong to scrub myself very clean. How sad that this is happening and that God's love is being used in vain. I am so sad about all of this, for the devotees who were abused, for the swami and for all this darkness when the world needs light!